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Tactical Occupational Firefighting (Search and Rescue)

This Tactical Occupational Fire Fighting for Search and Rescue (SAR) course is specially designed to introduce participants to the duties and responsibilities of a Fire Fighting team as well as SAR team in detail. To obtain the necessary skills in fire safety, rescue, prevention and risk assessment. This course provides awareness of the danger of fire guidance includes intensive elements in fire fighting like Hose Team and Drill.

Safe Handling of Forklift Truck – Essential Program

This course is designed to train participants to operate a forklift to the required level of competency in a safe and appropriate manner as prescribed in the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 (OSHA, Act 514).
The course is catered for both new or inexperience forklift operators and also for experienced operators to learn …

Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

This course provides appropriate awareness-level safety and health training that addresses the importance of personal protective equipment. Delegates will be introduced of the various types of personal protective equipment and how to use each type properly. In order to reduce the possibility of failure, training on maintenance and storage of PPE also will be included.

Confined Space Safety (CSS)

This course is specially designed to provide knowledge and skill on all safe work procedures for entering the confined space. An appropriate training is extremely important to working safely in confined spaces therefore this course will emphasize on the potential hazard in a confine space, its safety procedures and uses of gas detector besides …


Occupational hazards existed in every workplace. These unwanted events require an immediate organized response from the Emergency Response Team (ERT) with the First Aid Team’s role regarded as one of the most important. First Aid means the initial help that is delivered to the sick and injured by the first responder before the arrival of healthcare personnel.


The forgetting curve hypothesizes the decline of memory retention in time and one study shows that the first aider will have difficulty in recalling their training after 3 months has passed. Therefore, a practical refresher would be an excellent booster for the previously acquired first aid skills.

Accident Investigation & Reporting (AIR)

Accidents are not only disruptive to work but also costly affairs to the company. Whilst the incidence of accidents at the workplace is on the rise, employers need not resign to the fact that these accidents are beyond their control. Employee education on safety awareness as well as improving work environment may effectively prevent industrial accidents in the workplace. In this …