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Incident Commander & Crisis Management Team (ICCMT) Development Program

Equip your Incident Commander and Crisis Management Team with the expertise to manage a crisis that can affect the whole community. HRD Corp claimable.

Incident Commander & Crisis Management Team (ICCMT) Development Program

Trainings designed by ASEC trainers certified in

Incident Command System by the Emergency Management Institute, FEMA, US

Master’s of Emergency Response & Planning at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board)

ASEC is designated as

TOP 20 HRDF Training Provider with 5 stars excellence in delivery in 2017

ICCMT Development Program can make a difference Beyond your workplace

Navigate through the crisis phase of an incident and seamlessly transition into the incident management phase.

Motivating & Inspiring

Confidence is crucial in acting fast with the right approach in face of an emergency.

Engaging & Realistic

Actionable skills are taught through theories, practical, and mock drills.

Professional Trainers

ASEC’s trainers are qualified and continuously improved to deliver effective training.

Comprehensive coverage

The public and surrounding communities are taken into account.

ICCMT Development Program conducted at ASEC

For organizations that value the employees’ preparedness in facing possible crisis involving the public and surrounding communities.

Professional Incident Commanders & Crisis Management Team trainers


Our training obtains an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Google Review.

Mr. Wong Wee Zhee

Mr. Wong Wee Zhee

Master Trainer

Mr. Muhammad Muazzam

Mr. Muhammad Muazzam Bin Jamaluddin

International Trainer

Mr. Muhammad Zabidi

Mr. Muhammad Zabidi Bin Zoulkifli

International Trainer

Training modules of ICCMT Development Program

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Components / Training courses ICCMT Level 1 ICCMT Level 2
Response planning at workplace Layers of response plan -
Response plan level and its implication -
Escalating response plan -
Roles of ERT & response plan ERT organization -
ERT activation -
Team formation -
7 critical tasks -
Table top drill -
Team strategy & tactical Firefighting -
Hazmat Response -
Incident Command System (ICS) Introduction -
ICS management by objectives
ICS organization & function
(FEMA ICS 100)
Setting up Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)
(FEMA ICS 200)
Planning P
(FEMA ICS 300)
Parallel Emergency Operation Center (EOC) -
Execises & drills ICS exercise
Table top exercise - 5 tables
EOC command & control exercise
ICS function drill -
Planning P and operational period exercise -
Parallel Emergency Operation Center (EOC) exercise -
Major drill with parallel EOC and cross operational period -

Organizations that had trained their Incident Commander & Crisis Management Team

Emergency response can never be too ready.

Incident Commanders & Crisis Management Team (ICCMT) Development Program at ASEC

Establish your incident commander & crisis management team

For organizations that strive to be well prepared for an emergency response beyond the workplace.

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