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Confined space rescue training

Equip your emergency response team with the knowledge and skills to carry out confined space rescue. Tailored for your workplace. HRD Corp claimable.

Confined space rescue training at ASEC

Trainings designed by ASEC trainers certified in

Incident Command System by the Emergency Management Institute, FEMA, US

Master’s of Emergency Response & Planning at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board)

ASEC is designated as

TOP 20 HRDF Training Provider with 5 stars excellence in delivery in 2017

Confined space rescue can save lives

Provide immediate help when incidents happen in a confined space.

Motivating & Inspiring

Confidence is crucial in acting fast with the right approach in face of an emergency.

Engaging & Realistic

Actionable skills are taught through theories, practical, and mock drills.

Professional Trainers

ASEC’s trainers are qualified and continuously improved to deliver effective training.

Comprehensive coverage

There is no one-size-fits-all. The curriculum can be tailored to your workplace and needs.

Confined space rescue training conducted by ASEC

For organizations that value the employees’ preparedness in facing possible crises involving confined spaces.

Professional confined space rescue trainers


Our training obtains an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Google Review.

Mr. Wong Wee Zhee

Mr. Wong Wee Zhee

Master Trainer

Mr. Muhammad Zharif

Mr. Muhammad Zharif Akmal bin Md Zakki

International Trainer

Mr. Nur Syahril Izwan

Mr. Nur Syahril Izwan bin Rameli

International Trainer

Mr. Muhammad Muazzam

Mr. Muhammad Muazzam Bin Jamaluddin

International Trainer

Training modules of Confined Space Rescue Training

Let us know if you have specific requirements or needs.

Components / Training courses Operation
(For standard entry)
(For non-standard entry)
Introduction NFPA Standard
Laws & regulations
Incident Command Structure (ICS)
Phase 1: Rescue Preparation Information gathering and preplanning
Risk management analysis
Confined space preplans
Phase 2: Emergency Response Command structure
Initial scene assessment
Hazard controls
Tactical worksheet & accountability systems
Communication systems
Incident Action Plan (IAP)
ICS form introduction
Operational control zones
Phase 3 : Entry and Tactical Operation Roles & responsibilities
Victim assessment
Low and high angle rescue consideration
Tactical operation for confine space rescue
Phase 4 : Termination Debriefing & critique
Rescue equipment & maintenance System checks for equipment
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Knot and hitch
Basic life support
Anchor system
Lowering and belay
Mechanical advantage
Hazardous material monitoring -
Personnel monitoring -
Ventilation -
Simulation Lowering rescuer with communication
Lowering rescuer to perform pick off
Lowering rescuer and hauling victim (low angle)
Lowering rescuer and hauling victim (high angle)
Lowering victim with vertical and horizontal litter (high angle)
Scenario-based learning practical Low angle rope rescue (full scale) -
Non-entry rescue (full scale) -
High angle rope rescue (full scale) -
Confine space rescue case 1 (full scale) -
Confine space rescue case 2 (full scale) (SCBA/SAR) -
Scenario-based drill Low angle (full scale) + ICS -
High angle (full scale) + ICS -
Confine space (full scale) + ICS -
Assessment Preplans assessment
Team-based assessment -
NFPA Standard -
Confined space rescue training at ASEC

Confined space rescue Conducted At Your Workplace

For organizations that value emergency preparedness for employees working in confined spaces.

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