Confined Space Rescue

It is specially designed to provide basic knowledge and skill on Confined Space Safety. It includes understanding the potential hazard in a confined space, its operation process and the uses of the rescue equipment.

Learning Experience




Understand the theory, concept and the process of the subject. 




Apply concepts learned in a theory session to a practical situation.




Assess the participant responses to emergency scenarios and identify any flaws in the method or system.




Determines whether or not the goals of education are being met.

Course Content

  • Day 1

    Introduction | Operation | Equipment & Maintenance | Practical

  • Day 2

    Hazardous Material Monitoring | Personnel Monitoring |Knot and Hitch | Basic Life Support | Practical

  • Day 3

    Lowering and Belay | Mechanical Advantage | Practical

  • Day 4

    Confined Space Operation | Entry and Tactical Operation | Termination | Scenario Based Practical

  • Day 5

    Drill | Assessment

What benefit to the company?

Cost Effective

Conducting multiple internal training without paying extra training fees to the training provider.

Time Saving

Arranging training sessions based on the company’s preferred time to increase productivity and efficiency.

Talent Development

Providing growth opportunities for the employees.  It also helps to reduce the turnover rate.

Corporate Branding

Increasing the company image, and the organisation will gain trust and respect for its reliable and strong OSH standards.

The companies that join Confined Space Rescue