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Emergency response training in the workplace

Raise crisis awareness and educate your staff in workplace emergency response planning and evacuation. Tailored for your industry. HRD Corp claimable.

Emergency response planning training at ASEC

Trainings designed by ASEC trainers certified in

Incident Command System at the Emergency Management Institute, FEMA, US

Master’s of Emergency Response & Planning at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board)

ASEC is designated as

TOP 20 HRDF Training Provider with 5 stars excellence in delivery in 2017

Emergency response training for all levels of competent responders

Every level plays a part in ensuring your organization’s needs in emergency response are covered.

Emergency response planning

1 day

This training educates all staff on crisis awareness in workplace, safe evacuation in case of an emergency, and self-rescue techniques.

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2 days 

This training equips all staff and designated first responders in responding to an emergency with the right approach through a combined drill.

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3 days ║ Theoretical assessment║ Certificate of Competency

This training equips emergency response team leaders with leadership skills in ERT activation during an emergency incident.

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3 days ║ Theoretical assessment

This training equips incident commanders and crisis management team with the skills and knowledge in planning for and responding to every possible emergency incident in the workplace using Incident Command System approach.

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Emergency response training conducted at your workplace

For organizations that value the employees’ preparedness in evacuation and emergency response during an incident.

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Emergency response training can make a difference in workplace

Ensure that everyone can respond to an incident with the right approach and be safely evacuated.  

Motivating & inspiring

Confidence is crucial in identifying hazards and responding to an incident.

Engaging & realistic

Actionable skills are taught through theories, practical, and mock drills.

Professional trainers

ASEC’s trainers are qualified and continuously improved to deliver effective training.

Tailored curriculum

There is no one-size-fit-all. Curriculum can be tailored for your industry and needs.

Professional emergency response trainers


Our training obtains an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Google Review.

Mr. Wong Wee Zhee

Mr. Wong Wee Zhee

Master Trainer

Mr. Muhammad Muazzam

Mr. Muhammad Muazzam Bin Jamaluddin

International Trainer

Mr. Muhammad Zabidi

Mr. Muhammad Zabidi Bin Zoulkifli

International Trainer

Course Outlines Of Emergency Response Training

Let us know if you have specific requirements or needs.

Components / Trainings Plan & Preparedness Combined Drill
Crisis awareness Contingency planning and wellbeing of workplace, society, and country
Major local emergencies and its implication
Workplace accident identification
Company staff response plan Staff incident initial action
Activation of PIC and ERT
Workplace evacuation Fire and Service Act requirement
Floor Warden and Evacuation Controller roles and responsibilities
Evacuation planning
Evacuation communication and hazard identification -
Evacuation education to all company staff
Self-rescue techniques D.O.S.E Technique -
Method of self rescue -
Risk assessment -
Safety precaution -
ERT organization Incident Command System (ICS) -
ERT activation -
Command centre setup -
Equipment preparedness -
Team formation -
7 critical task -
Emergency communication -
Emergency response & ICS table top exercise -
Refresher trainings for first responders First aid -
Firefighting -
Evacuation drill Briefing & setup -
Dry drill only -
Combined drill cuztomized to local emergencies -

On Scene Commander (OSC) Development Program​

Incident Commander & Crisis Management Team (ICCMT) Development Program

Level 1

Experience in emergency response is highly preferable.

Level 2

Certified in ICCMT Development Program – Level 1.

Emergency response training at ASEC

Emergency response training conducted at your workplace

For organizations that value the employees’ preparedness in facing any possible incident and emergency.

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