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First Aid Instructor Development Program

Become a competent first aid instructor for your organization through a hybrid learning experience. Lead your own first aid training. HRD Corp claimable.

First aid instructor development program (IDP)

Trainings designed in accordance to

Consensus on Science with Treatment Recommendations of International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)

Guidelines on first-aid in the workplace of Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia

ASEC is designated as

Education centre for Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI)

TOP 20 HRDF Training Provider with 5 stars excellence in delivery in 2017

Become a first aid instructor for your organization

Step-by-step instructor development program with professional guidance.

ASEC first aid instructor development program subject matter knowledge learning sessions

12 weeks ║ Online

Subject matter knowledge learning sessions

Learn advanced first aid knowledge at your own pace through pre-recorded lessons with assignments and ask questions during regular live Q&A sessions with our lead trainers.

Progress 70%
ASEC first aid instructor development program subject matter skill practical sessions​

3 days  ║ In-person

Subject matter skill practical sessions

Get hands-on practical experience to strengthen your advanced first aid skills, including the preparation of first aid training materials for efficient training delivery.

Progress 15%
ASEC first aid instructor development program instructor skill development sessions

3 days  ║ In-person

Instructor skill development sessions

Receive guidance to conduct first aid training as a competent first aid instructor in an impactful and engaging way for your organization.

Progress 15%

6 months 

Onboarding instructorship

Complete a teaching session with real participants under the supervision of ASEC’s trainer within the next 6 months to graduate as a First Aid Instructor.

Instructorship 100%

Conduct your own in-house first aid training in workplace

Make first aid training part of your employee learning and development programs.

In accordance with high standards

All first aid teaching materials are designed in accordance to international and national guidelines.

Cost effective in a long run

Training costs by engaging an external training provider can be saved, especially for a large organization.

Convenient & time saving

Training schedules can be managed and arranged internally for all employees with more flexibility.

Boost employees' morale

Employees have access to first aid training as one of the learning and development programs.

Professional first aid & emergency care trainers


Our training obtains an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Google Review.

Dr. Mohd Ridzuan Bin Sepian

Dr. Mohd Ridzuan Bin Sepian

Senior Lead Trainer

Ms. Hemah A/P Baskaran

Ms. Hemah A/P Baskaran

Senior Lead Trainer

Mr. Muhammad Muazzam

Muhammad Muazzam Bin Jamaluddin

International Trainer

Mr. Muhammad Zharif

Mr. Muhammad Zharif Akmal Bin Md Zakki

International Trainer

Training modules of First Aid Instructor Development Program

Everything you need to teach first aid training.

Duration Training overview Training modules
3 months Subject matter knowledge learning In accordance with ASEC's Advanced Industrial First Aid training.
3 days Subject matter skill practical
3 days Instructor skill development Trainer appearance
Class arrangement
Trainer attributes
Effective teaching strategies
Challenging participants
Impactful teaching process
Draw topic
Peer teachings
Simulation drill
Presentation assessments
ASEC administrative & apps
Within 6 months Onboarding instructorship Complete an actual teaching session

Organizations that had their First Aid Instructor coached and certified by ASEC

As part of the effort in strengthening the emergency response preparedness of the organization for first aid and emergency care.

ASEC First Aid Instructor Development Program

Get certified as a competent first aid instructor

One step further beyond just providing first aid to the injured and sick. Share your knowledge and skills with aspiring first aiders.

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