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Academy of Safety and Emergency Care Sdn Bhd known as ASEC is a DOSH-recognised Occupational First Aid training center, established in 2005, with over 17 years of experience in providing life-saving training and a proven track record in saving the lives of many. We pioneered the revolutionary teaching methodology of “fun learning”, “mock drill”, and “team building learning” to better equip our participants with the necessary skills to respond promptly and effectively to life-threatening situations. This has made our programs well accepted throughout Malaysia, thus establishing ASEC as the leader in the Occupational First Aid industry.

Over the years of experience, ASEC has evolved into an ERT Automation Solution Provider, successfully establishing the ERT Automation Blueprint as a standard to guide any organization to achieve a full-formed ERT. This makes us the first to formulate an algorithm for ERT automation in the country. With our team of trained and certified national and international experts, we are proud to be the single largest provider of ERT training, consultancy, and solution in Malaysia.

To date, ASEC has trained more than 1000 companies, covering various classes with a total of more than 100,000 participants. We strive to provide the best quality training, helping organisations to properly set up their internal ERT and Emergency Response Plan with competency and accuracy.

Our Vision

One day, there shall be no one dies in an accident.

Our Mission

To be the world-leading Learning organization in Non-Flammable Hazardous Material Response and Disaster Scale Emergency Crisis Management

Our Recognition

Achievement, Certifications & Awards

Our company have grown from a small organization to one of the largest Occupational First Aid Training Organization in 14 years. These are the amazing achieved awards and certifications throughout our journey.

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Integrity As
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Excellence In
Our Quality

Excellence In Our Quality

Respect Our
People & Work

Respect Our
People & Work

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Management Team

Wong Wee Zhee

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Liow

Chief Operating Officer

Muhammad Azra

Chief Technical Officer

Marco Chaw

General Manager

Naomi Kuek

Manager – Customer Success

Muhd Muazzam

Manager – Training