Contigency Planning &
Emergency Crisis Management

Embark into comprehensive courses to provide a clearer understanding of the planning and preparation of emergency response plans in the workplace. Get first-hand experience to test existing plans for review and discover the best ways or gaps in the planning throughout the courses. 

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Topics Emergency Response Plan and Preparedness Emergency Response Combined Drill
Disaster at Workplace
Workplace Accident Identification
Company Staff Response Plan
Workplace Evacuation
Evacuation Planning
Self-Rescue Technique
Evacuation Education to All Company Staff
Evacuation Drill
ERT Organization
ERT Activation
ERT 7 Critical Tasks
EOC 7 Critical Tasks
First Aid Refresher
Fire Fighting Refresher
ERT Table Top Exercise
General Combined Drill Briefing
Combined Drill Exercises
Number of Training Day
1 Day
2 Days
Certification Type
Cert of Training
Cert of Achievement
Validity (year)
Non-Competency Program
Non-Competency Program

Why Trust US

What makes our ERP Courses Unique

Adequate Equipment

Variety of learning aids prepared for the participants for optimum learning experience.

Covid Compliance

Mask, SOP and sanitising are practised strictly. All instructor are Covid Tested weekly.


In accordance to national (MKN) and International (FEMA) Standard.

Combined Drill

Multiple event of incidence incorporated in one major drill.

Fun & Engaging Presentation

Humour and easy to understand learning experience.

Our Professional Team

Get to know your Master Trainers in ERP


Degree in Nursing, Master in Emergency Response

Special Skills:

Humorous Presenter with structural input for participants.


Master in Emergency Response and Planning, EPA Certified HAZMAT Technician, Rope Rescue Technician

Special Skills:

– Firm and logical explanation for easy understanding.


Master in Emergency Response and Planning

Special Skills:

– Critical Planning Expert with sharp and accurate input.

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