Incident Commander & Crisis Management Team Development Program (ICCMT)

When disaster struck, do you know How to Activate your ERT System? And What if the incident grows beyond control?

Committed in addressing Issues Often Neglected in Incident Command System

Concerned knowing there’s still a gap in the industry in ERT Activation, ASEC developed ICCMT to help your organization to have an effective Emergency Response Team and functional Incident Commander within the organization to be prepared before and while handling incidents of any types.

Discover the common issues that makes the Emergency Response Team fails to functions when needed: 

Poor Coordination: Poor incident command coordination leads to bigger uncontainable disaster

Lack of Knowledge: Incompetency of Emergency Response Team activation during actual incident/emergency

Incompetent Commander: Taking this matter lightly and appointing Incident Commander with little-to-none authoritative power within ERT

Poor ICS planning: Not being resourceful and unprepared to look for matters into expanding incidents and know how to deal with the situation

How ICCMT Solves These Issues?

Gain Better Understanding

Know the basic principles and structure of effective Incident Command System (ICS) for your organization

Understand core roles

Avoid overlapping scope for Incident Commander & ERT Members and and understand their scope limitation

Coordinate and Understand

Be proficient in addressing potential obstacles which will impair directive orders from Incident Commander

Know how to source adequate assistance

Be determined and resourceful during any incidents and learn how to be more flexible while commanding based on evolving situations

Life-Like Mock Drill Session & Testing

Have first hand chance in unifying all involved stakeholders into effective directive orders in expanding incidents and improve from it.

Why ASEC is your best choice

Certified & Accredited Trainers

In-House World-Class Facilities

Prep with Industry Related Scenarios 

Chance to test ERT Activation

Augmented Expanding Incidents

International Standard Curricular

With decades of proven experience, our team is Geared to help you achieve your ERT goals, and beyond.

Certified Trainers

We invested in our business by sending our team of trainers to advance certification in Emergency Response Plan from leading university in Malaysia

World-Class Facility

Our program is held within our own training ground where participants will have better opportunity and first-hand experience in the mock-drill activity

ICCMT Learning Journey

Get a better understanding on what to expect during this 3 days development program with us and how the curriculum will nurture effective Incident Commanding System

ICCMT program is curated based on (The Federal Emergency Management Agency, USA) FEMA 100 & 200 Curricular standard.

Frequently Asked Questions about ICCMT

Need further clarification on ICCMT? Discover Frequently Asked Questions provided below

This program is developed in giving better understanding about Incident Command System. You will be introduced with the function of Incident Command System (ICS) and given briefed understanding on the importance of an effective ICS for Emergency Response Planning. You will have the opportunity to understand more about history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System better
Although having an already functional Emergency Response Team may seems sufficient for some industry. There’s still possibility of bigger and uncontainable or expanding incident may occur at any time. And this doesn’t exclusively include Oil and Gas and Manufacturing industry but also as simple as for small organization like education center, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or businesses located in natural disaster prone area. The unity and effective command system is vital to ensure every ERT roles executed in proper manner.
As a system, ICS is extremely useful; not only does it provide an organizational structure for incident management, but it also guides the process for planning, building, and adapting that structure. Using ICS for every incident or planned event helps hone and maintain skills needed for the large-scale incidents.
An incident commander is the best person to attend to this program but not limited to decision-making authority. Any ERT Leaders or Members can also participate into this program for better understanding about how ICS functions and the role of Incident Commander. At the end of the day, each medium and large scale incident requires first person to arrive who should rapidly assess the incident and guide the incident response team to resolve the issue at hand effectively hence avoiding it from expanding to uncontainable disaster.

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Our Accredited Trainers

We offers certified & accredited trainers from International Level Certifications just for you


Degree in Nursing, Master in Emergency Response, UPM


Master in Emergency Response and Planning, EPA Certified HAZMAT Technician, Rope Rescue Technician


Master in Emergency Response and Planning, UPM

Upcoming Training Slots

Secure your seats today because every slots are limited to only 30 pax.

March 2023 Slots: 

28-30 March 2023 


Who should Attend to this Program?

This program is not limited to just Incident Commander but also suitable for qualified individuals who can play leadership role or wish to expand their knowledge in Incident Commanding System

Trusted by Local & international Brands

Trusted by renowned organization in Malaysia

Participants Testimonial

Learn more about what our participant gained by participating in ICCMT program with us

The trainers potrayed professional execution of ICCMT concept and the entire learning & mock-drill session was fun and engaging! I do hope I can carry the task that I have been trained for the good of many people’s lives.


– Nursuhailah Suhaimi

A very clear explanation and methodology of learning. The program is easy to understand and very eye opening and broaden our understanding. Every theory supported with examples. We even have a practical session for hands on.

– Elton Chay

Never get bored during the training sessions. Questions quickly addressed and informative too. Thanks for sharing knowledge! I’m now confident in managing my Emergency Response Team


– Pramila Madhaven

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