Instructor Development Program

Designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of talent development. It is also essential to facilitate a company to have an effective Emergency Response Team.

What you will learn?



Subject Matter

Learn the theory, concept and the process of the first aid. 



Skills & Technique

Apply concepts learned in a theory session to a practical situation.



Class Management

Conduct a high-quality, interactive and engaging training.



Assessment Methodology

Monitor the learning outcome of the training for every participant.

Learning Pathway

Online Learning (12 Weeks)

Flexible learning phase with access to our innovative learning platform. Learn at your own pace.

Nov 09, 2017

Hands-On & Practical Session (3 Days)

First-hand practical learning to implement their basic knowledge to practice from our qualified trainers.

Nov 09, 2017

Learn How to Conduct Effective Training (3 Days)

Get in-depth practical via face to face sessions to develop important soft-skills as instructor and get evaluated by our professionals.

Nov 09, 2017


Get certified from this program and embark on life-saving journey practices and educate more people in the company.

Nov 09, 2017

Discover ASEC Learning Portal

An innovative platform used to spread the knowledge on providing First Aid Training aiming to save a life.

  • Get Your Account Created Upon Enrollment

    And have the opportunity to explore all courses available anywhere and on the go.

  • Fulfil Designated Courses

    Complete all assigned courses based on your training modules with ease of flexibility in times without impacting your productivity in the workplace.

  • Take Assessment and View Performance

    Test your understanding level on First-Aiding by taking interactive assessments included within our platform and evaluate your performance with ease of access.

What benefit to the company?

Cost Effective

Conducting multiple internal training without paying extra training fees to the training provider.

Time Saving

Arranging training sessions based on the company’s preferred time to increase productivity and efficiency.

Talent Development

Providing growth opportunities for the employees.  It also helps to reduce the turnover rate.

Corporate Branding

Increasing the company image, and the organisation will gain trust and respect for its reliable and strong OSH standards.

The companies that join Instructor Development Program