The Importance of First Aid

Most injuries and sudden illnesses do not result in death, but rather result in hospitalization, treatment in an emergency department or from a general practitioner, or treatment from a first aid provider.

Saving lives is important, but first aid providers are more frequently called upon to provide initial care for less-severe conditions. If not properly treated, these less-severe injuries can evolve into something more serious.

You should learn First Aid if you want to

# 1. Save lives

It’s true that having first aid training undoubtedly helps save lives including your family, friend or even a stranger. Equipped with First aid knowledge will make you confident and comfortable and therefore more effective and in control when you need to be.

# 2. Keeps children safe

Children are often victims of medical emergencies. They run around a lot, aren’t as coordinated, and like to experiment with the world around them. Infants are also very vulnerable and can suffer from things like seizures. Knowing basic first aid helps parents deal with everything from minor scrapes and bruises to more scary situations like seizures.

# 3. Open up more job opportunities

Knowing first aid expands the number of jobs you can apply for. As mentioned earlier, certain jobs require that you know first aid, so if you want to work as a lifeguard, flight attendant, social worker, or childcare provider, you will likely need to know first aid. Having up-to-date training in first aid also looks good if you’re applying to jobs where you work with the public, like in retail.

# 4. Save money

First aid doesn’t only save lives – it saves money. If you know how to properly deal with a wound or minor burn, you won’t accidentally make it worse, get an infection, and need to go to the doctor. First aid also prevents more serious situations from escalating, so while a trip to the hospital may still be necessary, treatment won’t cost as much. Proper first aid training also saves businesses money because the workplace is a safer place.

# 5. Make workplaces safer

The more people who know first aid in the workplace, the safer it is. Medical emergencies can happen at any time and if only one person knows first aid, what happens if they’re the ones suffering the emergency? Many workplaces also work with the public, so knowing first aid helps a business keep its customers safe.

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