Emergency Response Combined Drill

Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce the trainee to the duties and responsibilities of an ERT team member, and to obtain the necessary skill of handling fire, injury and emergencies.

Course Objectives

Completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Revised the participant on the important concepts of fire fighting, emergency response plan and preparedness and first aid
  • Coordinate the evacuation of the worker during an emergency
  • Operate emergency shutdown procedure

Who should Attend

  • Fire Team Members, Fire Wardens, First Aid Team Member, Chemical Spill Control Team Members
  • Safety and Health Committee Members
  • Emergency Response Team Members
  • All levels of workers and interested individuals

Entry Requirements

  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Experience being an ERT is an advantage and highly recommended

Training Approach And Methodologies

A good blend of Theory and Practical Session where at least half of the time the participant will be on the run. With the help of multimedia presentations e.g. slides show, video clips and lively and humour presentations from our trainers, participants are guaranteed a fun, refreshing yet informative training experience.

Sufficient practical material for each and every participant make sure every one of them has the hands-on experience to acquire the skills needed to perform the life-saving task.

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